What's going to happen in 2015

Geoff Cook - CFP, CHAIP

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Investment Outlook
In continuing with our work from last year - we will be consolidating 2015 market and economy outlooks from some of the worlds top investors and economists.

This is a working list that will be updated as new outlooks come available so be sure to check back later!

We hope you enjoy these 2015 Market Outlooks and wish you all a healthy and productive 2015!

Ryan Lewenza, Raymond James Canada, Private Client Group  - 2015 Market Outlook

Bill Gross, Janus Capital Group - 2015 Market Outlook

Marc to Market - Four Forces Shaping the Investment Climate

William Smead - Ben Graham's Mr Market 2015

RBC Global Asset Management - Investment Outlook 2015

Cam Hui, Humble Student of Markets - Focus on Small Caps in 2015

Jurrien Timmer, Fidelity Investments Director of Global Macro - Five Market Themes for 2015

Georgina Hurst, Institutional Investor - 10 of the Fastest-Growing Emerging Markets to watch in 2015

Bruce Cooper, Chief Investment Officer TD Asset Management Inc. - The Year Ahead 2015

IA Clarington Investments Active Insights - 2015 Manager Outlook (A compilation of Money Manager Outlooks)

The 2015 Outlook from Sentry Investments Management Teams


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